Here at Believe Bariatrics and Primary Care we treat each person as an individual.The statement sounds simple and ordinary.  However, in this unpredictable world we live in finding a team that treats each patient as an individual by considering all the factors that may be contributing to the problem is a rarity. No one's body is the same and therefore, should not be treated the same by replica plans , prescriptions and visits.  We stand by our policy to provide YOU the patient the best medical care.

Sandy has been in nursing for over 50 years. Her education includes, obtaining her nursing degree from University of Oklahoma with continuing to obtain her BSN, MSN, and FNP at the University of Texas in Arlington. Sandy is known for her expertise in bariatrics, internal medicine, and pain management.  Her background speaks for itself around Texas, Serving as Clinical Director for Baylor Bariatric Services and Titles such as 2013 Nurse Practitioner of the year as well as President of the Texas Nurse Practitioners. These are just a few of her accomplishments. Being an educator, Sandy continues to mentor soon to be providers , speaks at conferences across the state as well as being a legal medical consult.  She is a firm believer in the profession and continues to promote the Nurse Practitioner Career.  Sandy's passion for the patients and determination to make a difference has led her journey to now being the owner of her own practice here at Believe Bariatrics and Primary Care..  Sandy will always BELIEVE in you and strive to give you the best health care you deserve.


Primary Care 

As a Primary Care Provider, Believe Bariatrics and Primary Care is your health's first line of defense.  We evaluate and treat conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, pain management and many other conditions. The clinic has an in house lab for convenience.  Our goal is to restore your faith in healthcare by trusting our qualified Nurse Practitioner.  We display professionalism with a down to earth relatable team that puts the patient first.The direct cell phone number of the provider Sandy McCoy is given to reach us in case of emergency.  This boosts us above the rest for the quality healthcare you will receive.


Bariatrics Specialty 

As a bariatric specialist, Believe Bariatrics and Primary Care provides many options for a road to success in weight management and treating obesity.  Whether your interest is surgery, post op care and maintenance, band adjustments or medically supervised medication we are here for your journey.  The focus to treat the disease is priority. Our  Nurse Practitioner Sandy McCoy has over 20 years experience in providing you with adequate resources, education, tools and follow up care you deserve.  Our provider and team understands the obstacles because we have been down the same path.  Therefore, let our veteran bariatric staff fight on your behalf to win back your health